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The Stabilizer FS3 Model

The Stabilizer

The Stabilizer FS3 Model


We created the FS3 by adding a brush head to the FS1 model. At 8 inches, it shares the great qualities of the FS1 for ensuring a balanced delivery, yet it is a heavier model and our most expensive, because of all the workmanship involved. The brush head allows the curler to clean his rock and the ice before throwing. It is used by World Champions Colleen Jones and Dave Nedohin, 2002 Olympic Gold Medalist Pal Trulsen of Norway, and Euan Byers of team Scotland. Johnny Mo Morris, pro curler and member of Team Canada, explains why professional curlers can still benefit from using the Stabilizer.


COVID-19 has affected us all in some way or other - including those of us at The Stabilizer. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to obtain foam handles from our International supplier after we sold out of our entire season's supply suddenly in August.  Given these challenging economic times, we were determined to explore a local solution and our perseverance paid off as we were able to obtain foam handles from a Canadian manufacturer. Although we were successful in obtaining foam handles, a modification was required to the injection mould plastic handles in order to accommodate the shorter length of the Canadian foam handle. LD Tool & Die - the Ottawa company that has been our injection mould plastic manufacturer & assembler since we started up back in the 90’s - agreed to design and manufacture 1” round white plastic rings at each end of the foam. The look and integrity of the injection mould handle remains the same, except for a slightly shorter foam piece. Our quality control consultant (curler Earle Morris – my dad) has tested the new handles and confirms that they work just as well!

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