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The Stabilizer - Sold to Martin Ferland:

Hello fellow curling lovers, 

It is with a bit of a heavy heart that we announce the sale of our Stabilizer business. My father, Earle the Curl, invented our product over 25 years ago and we have watched it grow, along with the sport of curling. Unfortunately, it has become way too busy lately for my husband and I, with our teaching jobs and small children. The good news is that we have sold the business to a good friend and curling lover, Martin Ferland, of Performance Brush in Quebec. Please email Martin Ferland at for any future orders, as our website will be shutting down at year's end, as will this email address.  We would like to thank you for doing business with our family over the years. It was a pleasure to work with you and to see this awesome sport grow. 


All the best in your future curling endeavours and a big final THANK YOU from the entire Morris and McCaffrey family! 



Happy holidays!




Sarah and Tyler


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