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There are 2 superb Stabilizer models to choose from:

The FS1 and FS3 Stabilizer Models

The FS1 (left) is a sleek and effective free-standing model. It is the most popular model among novice curlers...more

The FS3 (right) is a heavier and longer version of the FS1, includes a brush head, and is more popular among intermediate and advanced curlers. It is used by World Champions Colleen Jones and Dave Nedohin, and by 2002 Olympic Gold Medalist Pal Trulsen of Norway...more

This kit allows you to add 1 -1 inches to the height of your stabilizer. It can be used on either model of the stabilizer.

The FS1 and FS3 Stabilizer Models

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The Stabilizer FS3 Model FS1 Model FS1 Model FS3 Model